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Your health concerns as a woman can change with age, and that’s why it’s so important to have a women’s health care specialist you can rely on throughout your life. Archana Shende, MD, in Anaheim, California, is a women’s health provider offering checkups, Pap tests, sexually transmitted disease (STD) screenings, breast exams, osteoporosis management, and much more. Book your appointment with Dr. Shende online or by phone now. Same-day appointments are available.

Women's Health

What does a women’s health exam include?

During your exam, Dr. Shende evaluates your health through a physical exam, performs screenings and tests, counsels you regarding birth control and other personal health choices, and gives you any necessary immunizations like the HPV vaccine. 

Dr. Shende allows plenty of time to discuss your health and answer questions during women’s health exams. If you’ve experienced any health changes, want to discuss new birth control, or need any other type of health guidance, your women’s health exam is a great time to get customized help.

What is the physical exam like in a women’s health exam?

Your physical exam usually consists of both a pelvic exam and a clinical breast exam. During the pelvic exam, Dr. Shende evaluates your inner and outer vagina and uterus to physically and visually check for abnormalities or changes.

She checks for tissue lumps during your clinical breast exam. If she finds any suspicious lumps, she will recommend a mammogram promptly. If you’re over 40, Dr. Shende will likely recommend regular mammograms for breast cancer screening. The mammogram schedule is customized for your specific needs.

What kind of tests are done in a women’s health exam?

Your pelvic exam usually includes a Pap smear, a very simple test in which Dr. Shende takes a tiny cell sample from your cervix (uterine opening). Laboratory testing determines whether you have any of the abnormal cells that can later turn into cervical cancer. You might not need a Pap test at every exam. Dr. Shende will recommend a schedule that’s right for you. 

You might also have urine and blood tests during your women’s health exam. Blood and urine tests can check for pregnancy, STDs, anemia, infections, and many other conditions.

In some cases, Dr. Shende might recommend a bone density test as well. A bone density test can determine whether you have osteoporosis. If you’re suffering bone loss, Dr. Shende can help with osteoporosis management to improve bone density and help prevent bone breaks. 

When should I schedule a women’s health exam?

Most women need annual women’s wellness exams to stay in good health. Depending on your health needs and situation, Dr. Shende might recommend more frequent exams for you. 

Use online booking or call Archana Shende, MD, to book your women’s health exam now.